Today 23 Sep, 2021
Community Clinic Health Support Trust Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
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Last updated: Today 23 Sep, 2021

Orders and functions of the trust

a) Providing continuous integrated primary health care to the people of the village through community clinics and perform necessary administrative, financial and other management;

b) Fundraising and use of funds;

c) Maintain and preserve all free and immovable property of the Trust;

d) Integrating primary health programs or activities with rural people;

e) Management and maintenance of community clinics;

f) To ensure people's participation in health care and to receive primary health care with effective and mobilizing community groups consisting of nominated representatives;

g) To support community groups in community management and to ensure the health, family planning and nutritional services of the rural people by effective and mobilizing community support groups consisting of voluntary women, men, adolescents or adolescents representing all levels of society;

h) Ensure the use of the methodology, if applicable, by the regulation of the coverage and extent of integrated primary healthcare; &

i) Perform other functions as directed by the Government and the Advisory Council.

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